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Confidence, Focus, Self-regulation, Kindness, Strong & Safe Body​

At Life Ki-do Martial Arts Austin, the way we teach and train represent the way we want to live: with inner strength, peace, and happiness.


We teach martial arts with the aim of strengthening the body and cultivating emotional and social well-being. Through our Personal Development System, our students learn Focus & Mindfulness, Confidence, Resilience, and Social Intelligence (empathy, compassion, and kindness). This means Life Ki-do students learn to trust their inner natural strength and abilities while also learning to work together respectfully. They go into the world confidently, looking to their inner guide, rather than peers and outside influences, for validation and motivation.

Austin Life Ki-do Martial Arts & After School Awards


“I truly can’t rate Life Ki-do highly enough. Their program goes far beyond physical martial arts and incorporates mind, body, and personal achievement at every level. Focus, team effort, respect and self awareness (with a healthy dose of martial arts) are only some of the themes that the talented instructors are able to instill with kids at every age. Life Ki-do has been an invaluable resource. Highly recommend!”

—  Matt, Father of student


At all of our dojos and satellite locations around Austin, Life Ki-do teaches curriculum based on these 5 areas of focus.


Fun & Safe Environment

We encourage fun, safe, and respectful environment. Here, there is no fear of making mistakes, and students learn that fears and insecurities, while normal, do not need to rule their lives. This approach allows our students to transform and expand.

Fun Martial Arts.jpg


Listening, Respect, and Empathy

Students learn how to communicate their own needs, while also cultivating listening skills and practicing teamwork. Empathy, compassion, and respect are essential to what we do.



Focus & Confidence

Students learn to check in with themselves in order to know if they are focused and being their personal best. Cultivating the art of being your personal best builds true inner confidence and a strong identity. Those who can do this experience fulfillment in all aspects of life, and they look inward, rather than looking to peers, for how they should behave and feel about themselves.

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Coping with Anxiety & Stress

A principal aspect of Life Ki-do is learning to breathe, relax and flow instead of living with anxiety and tension. In addition to posture and breathing techniques, students learn to handle challenging situations and move through life with fluid strength.

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Health & Well-being

In addition to strength, flexibility and balance, Life Ki-do students focus on breath, fluidity, body awareness, and coordination—a great foundation for sports, as well as general health and well-being.

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