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Besides our year-round martial arts classes for kids and adults, we offer several other opportunities for our students to experience Life Ki-do activities that are not only super fun but as always, will strengthen both the body and mind. The thread that runs through all of our programs is our unique Life Education system. So whether your child is attending Summer Camp, Spring Camp, Winter Camp or a Tournament, they’ll be practicing their River and Ninja Breathing, connecting their 3 Bs (Body, Breath, and Brain), and strengthening friendship skills while learning fun, age-appropriate martial arts skills from our talented team of Martial Arts instructors.


Our Martial Arts Camps are offered during the Summer, Winter Break, and Spring Break and are available to current students and new friends. All levels welcome!


Our Tournaments are offered several times during the school year for current students and are a terrific opportunity for your child to be challenged to deepen their ability to find their center, care for others, and do their best while in a tournament environment. 

Nunchaku Ninja Fun


“Our children love Life Ki-do because it’s fun, they develop friendships and they get to feel strong and powerful in their bodies. We (the parents) love it because the fun it provides is deeply founded in a nurturing, supportive and connected experience of how to develop strength in mind, body, and spirit. Life Ki-do is the total package one could ever hope for in a martial arts program.”  

—  Theresa, Mom to a Power Ninja girl and a Samurai boy

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