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martial arts class in austin

30 years teaching Martial Arts Near You in Austin: Systema, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate,
Self-Defense, Tai Chi & Qigong.

Martial Arts Classes Near You

Martial arts training includes punching, kicking, blocking, take-downs, and wrestling. Some styles focus on one of these elements and at some martial arts schools, you’ll see that focus. So you may only do stand-up striking work or you may only do groundwork. At Life Ki-do, however, we blend all of these elements into our own unique curriculum so that students become well-rounded martial artists.


We’ve spent more than three decades developing our own unique blend of martial arts curriculum and classes in Austin. The foundation of what we teach is Systema which is based on breath, fluidity, and posture. With Systema as our underlying principle, our Life Ki-do program also incorporates Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Self-defense.


You can watch a short video and read more about our award-winning approach and fun, safe environment HERE.


Our martial arts classes near you, at our Westlake martial arts dojo, and in South Austin will help you become a fit and well rounded martial artist. We have age-specific lessons, including kids karate classes, preschool karateteen karate classes and adult karate classes.




Systema / Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Wrestling

Ground training is a crucial component in a comprehensive martial arts program. Our students learn and practice how to fall and roll safely, effective takedowns, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling techniques, as well as Systema strikes and breaks from the ground. Aside from the practical self-defense benefits, ground skills can also greatly enhance a student’s self-confidence and ability “to go with the flow.”

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Systema / Sparring

We incorporate moves, drills, and freestyle sparring from a variety of martial arts styles so that students may develop stand-up blocking, punching, and kicking skills. However, our emphasis in stand-up training is on the Systema principles of fluidity and partnering that involves mutual care and respect.

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Tai Chi / Qigong / Traditional Karate

Students learn the series of individual movements that make up a Traditional Karate Kata as well as the Yang Style Short form of Tai Chi

The Tai Chi Form & Karate Katas build tremendous body awareness, coordination, strength, and stamina as well mental focus, confidence, and determination.




Systema utilizes breath training and proper body mechanics to teach students to respond naturally and efficiently with adaptability, precision, and power. Instead of focusing on specific techniques, Systema emphasizes instinctive reactions and individual strengths. We believe this fluid approach is very applicable to finding flow in daily life.


Karate is an ancient discipline known for its explosive punches, blocks, and kicks. We use both freestyle karate sparring as well as karate katas/forms (a choreographed pattern of movements) to help students develop their karate skills. Freestyle sparring teaches our students problem solving and partnership skills while katas teach focus and discipline.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) focuses on ground skills and submission techniques. Unlike many other martial arts, BJJ doesn't rely heavily on striking; instead, it focuses on grappling and positional dominance. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is often referred to as the “gentle art” as it focuses more on leverage, technique, and proper body mechanics compared to power and speed, allowing smaller partners to be effective against larger partners.


Tai Chi is characterized by slow, flowing movements and deep breathing.  Tai Chi is often referred to as meditation in motion as the practice encourages a calm and centered mind along with a strong and flowing body. We practice the Yang Style short form, the most practiced form throughout the world.


Qigong is designed to help cultivate and circulate your inner energy, power, or qi (pronounced ‘chee’). Qigong utilizes the breath, a strong posture, and an awareness of gathering, circulating, and storing inner power-qi.


In addition to learning the simplest and most practical physical self-defense skills, students also develop self-awareness, situational awareness, nervous system regulation, and interpersonal skills to best help diffuse a potential conflict.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Tai Chi


Preschool Karate Classes

Even at an early age, you can help your children develop their focus, self-regulation, and social skills. Through our preschool karate classes, you and your child will have fun while learning important life skills. 

Kids Karate Classes

During the formative elementary years, our martial arts classes are designed to teach your children the art of self-mastery, gaining confidence, focus, and resilience.

Teen Karate Classes

Our teen karate classes are a great opportunity to train the body, mind, and spirit. These classes are offered at our Westlake Dojo

Adult Karate Classes

No experience is needed in our adult karate classes. Learn to destress while having fun in a supportive environment. Weekday morning, evening, and Saturday classes offered at our Westlake Dojo

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