How can I schedule a free trial class?

Schedule a free in-person trial or a free virtual trial lesson. Or feel free to call us at 512-327-2900 or email at with any questions.

I’d like to sign up for classes. How do I register?


What style of martial arts do you teach?

We’ve spent over 25 years developing our own unique blend of martial arts. The foundation of what we teach is Systema, a Russian Martial Art, which is based on breath, fluidity and posture and teaches students how to relax and flow on and off the mats. Using the breath and fluidity of Systema as underlying principles, our Life Ki-do program blends Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Tai Chi, Qigong and Self-defense.

My child has already done tae kwon do (or some other kind of martial arts) before. How does this compare?

We feel there are 3 major differences.

  1. What makes Life Ki-do so different is our approach. We strongly believe in inner motivation rather than looking to others for approval. This builds a true and lasting inner self-confidence you can trust and count on no matter where you are or what others think of you.
  2. Secondly, many types of martial arts can create rigidity, tension and unhealthy wear and tear on the body and we’ve found that our fluid approach is not only much healthier for the body but it helps students learn how they can deal with challenges with a calm and peaceful mind.
  3. Finally, we have created a culture of teamwork, cooperation and friendship where everyone is encouraged to support each other to be one’s personal best instead of fixating on competition and unhealthy comparisons to others.

Can my child wear their old belt from another martial arts school?

Yes, we always like to honor what the child has already achieved and if they would prefer they are welcome to start Life Ki-do wearing the belt they earned at their previous school. Then when the time is right, they can test for the belt most appropriate in our system. However, it’s not uncommon, for students from other schools to feel more comfortable starting at a white belt in Life Ki-do since it’s a new system for them. Either way, we’ll honor what your child feels is best for them.

I want my child to take martial arts because they are lacking focus, self-confidence and/or self-control? Will Life Ki-do help with that?

Absolutely. We specialize in social/emotional learning and life education. In fact, Life Ki-do is very often recommended by occupational therapists, pediatricians, teachers and most of all by other parents who have seen major transformations in their own children. But don’t just take it from us! Take a moment to read through our testimonials to get valuable insight into our program directly from parents and educators.

Is this just for boys?

Not at all! We have many female students ranging from age 3 all the way through adult and we have many incredible female student role models on our Leadership Team.

When does your next session start?

We offer classes year round at our Austin Westlake and Lakeway locations and don’t operate on a semester/session system. Your child can join at any time during the year. (Our Life Ki-do South satellite program operates during the school year only.)

My child has never done this before, won’t my child be behind?

We have new students of all ages entering classes at all times throughout the year and because of our nurturing, non-competitive environment, new students quickly feel part of the community. In fact, we often hear new students say that they were nervous before starting but that the kindness of the Life Ki-do instructors and students quickly made them feel at home.

What if my child can’t make it to class? Do you allow make-ups?

In our Virtual Dojo, classes are unlimited so come as much as you want any time you want. For our In-Person and Outdoor classes, we are currently not offering make-ups because of our very limited capacity and social distancing.

Do you require long-term contracts?

No, we don’t. You can cancel at any time, for any reason with 30 days notice.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. Your child will receive the full uniform with the registration fee which is everything they’ll need to start. All of our belt test fees and new belts are included in your monthly tuition. In the Samurai classes for 2nd grade and above, once your child reaches yellow stripe belt level, sparring will become an option. In which case, we require sparring gear which is available for purchase at the dojo. We do offer in-house tournaments but they are always optional and there is never a requirement or expectation to participate.

Does your program focus on competitions/tournaments?

We consistently encourage our students to disengage from unhealthy and damaging comparisons to others and rather to see others as an inspiration to be their personal best. While we do offer in-house tournaments and we use the belt system, we always encourage and invite self-reflection and self-awareness empowering our students with the ability to love and accept who they are and to do their best because it feels so good for them. We are training children for life not for tournaments.

When does my child advance to the next level class?

In general we invite kids to move up in Spring as follows:

  • Kids entering kinder next fall – invited to move up to Power Ninjas class
  • Kids entering 2nd grade next fall – invited to move up to Samurai class
  • Kids entering 6th grade next fall – invited to move up to the Teen/Adult class
Our invitations go out in April and while kids are invited to move anytime starting May 1st, some choose to delay moving up until summer or fall and that is OK too. It is best, however, to let us know prior to August 1st which class you want for the fall as many of our classes fill up later in August.

How do I tie my Karate Belt?

The two most common ways to tie your belt are shown below. There is a low difficulty, best for beginners and there is the Sensei way. Watch our videos and practice at home! Version 1: Easy Way to Tie Your Karate Belt Version 2: Sensei Way to Tie Your Karate Belt

How do I update my payment information?

Your Life Ki-Do payment information are stored on our online tool. You can update your payment information at any time.

We'd like to bring a friend to Buddy Week. What do I need to do next?

Bringing a friend is simple, just fill out the buddy form and you are all set. We can't wait to see you and your friend.

I am/have a former student, how do I re-register at Life Ki-do?

Fantastic news, we are excited to see you back at the dojo. Just fill out the returning student form to get started. Additionally, if you would like to take a free refresher class before you re-register - fill out the returning student refresher class form to get back on the mat.

Do you sell Life Ki-do gift cards?

Yes, you can purchase Life Ki-do gift cards in various amounts, please contact us.

What does Life Ki-do Mean?

"Ki" (KEE) can be translated to “inner strength or spirit,” and "do" (DOH) means “the way.” In this context "Life" means “your relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you.” Life Ki-do means “the way of living from your own inner strength and spirit and honoring the same in others.”

Will martial arts make my child more aggresive?

Not at Life Ki-do! Firstly, throughout our classes, kids learn how to be aware of their feelings (anger, fear etc) and how to take care of those feelings through self-regulation tools. When kids learn how to manage their emotions, they are much less likely to be reactive and agressive. Secondlly, our curriculum focuses on connection and learning how you are affecting your partner. Empathy, care, and respect for others are a key component of our partnering skills. If you have any specific concerns about your child, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Are you currently offering virtual classes? In-person classes? Outdoor classes?

Yes - all of those! We are currently offering virtual classes, in-person classes at our Westlake & Lakeway locations, and Outdoor Classes.