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Discover the enriching discipline of Systema at Life Ki-do’s Westlake Dojo. Systema is a powerful martial art that prioritizes natural movement and efficient body mechanics through breath control and proper alignment. This approach helps practitioners respond instinctively with adaptability, with precision, and power, utilizing personal strengths in a way that conventional martial arts often don’t.

Our Westlake Life Ki-do Systema students experience Systema as more than just self-defense; but as a holistic lifestyle that enhances health, mental resilience, and peaceful living. By focusing on fundamental principles like breathing, relaxation, movement, and structure, Systema promotes a serene yet robust way of life, ideal for individuals of any age or skill level. It's especially beneficial for those seeking a martial art that does not rely on brute strength or speed, making it accessible well into later years.


Our Systema curriculum integrates these teachings into daily practice, helping students not only defend themselves but also improve their overall well-being and life flow.


The Life Ki-do Westlake Systema instructors bring their deep understanding and personal experience of transformation through Systema to each class.


Learn more about how Systema at Life Ki-do can be a transformative experience for you, regardless of your age or fitness level.


Join us at our Systema Westlake Dojo Headquarters for a free trial class.

Sensei Jonathan is a certified Systema instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev of Russian Martial Art.

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