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Explore the transformative art of Systema at Life Ki-do, where this ancient Russian martial art is taught as a comprehensive lifestyle encompassing health, self-defense, and a powerful, peaceful way of living. Systema combines natural, fluid movements with mental resilience, tailored for modern self-defense and wellness, fostering a healthy, calm demeanor.


Practitioners learn to embrace non-aggressive, yet profoundly effective techniques, deepening their understanding of human nature to enhance both physical and mental well-being.


Instead of focusing on imposed techniques, Systema emphasizes natural movements by focusing on the development of four key principles:


  • Breathing

  • Relaxation

  • Movement

  • Structure


Since Systema nurtures natural, healthy movement, Systema training is appropriate for all ages of kids, and adults. Systema can be practiced well into old age as it doesn’t rely on strength, speed, or flashy moves, just simple, effective natural movements originating from a calm body and mind.


On a personal note, due to many martial arts and sports related injuries, Sensei Jonathan was considering quitting martial arts, but being introduced to Systema in 2006 turned that around. This new approach to movement not only halted the progression of his injuries but also facilitated a profound healing.


Life Ki-do offers Systema as the core of our martial arts curriculum taught at our Austin-Westlake and South Austin locations.


Sensei Jonathan is a certified Systema instructor under Vladimir Vasiliev

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