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With 30 years of teaching experience, his expertise in life skill training, and a warm and engaging presence, Jonathan Hewitt is an inspiring and educational speaker for children, teens and adults. His audiences include a broad range of settings including classrooms, school assemblies, family & parenting workshops, school staff training sessions, corporate workshops and more.

Since his Tools for Life system is designed for optimal functioning as an individual as well as a team, it is equally applicable in the classroom, the living room, and the boardroom.

With the simplicity and power of the Tools for Life system, Jonathan will bring a breath of fresh air to any setting looking for deeper connection, teamwork, and flow. 


“Jonathan Hewitt, founder of Life Ki-do, provided the perfect mixture of instruction, wisdom, and active participation that engaged all of the staff. The training accommodated all fitness levels, while challenging us mentally to break through some of our preconceptions about each other and the kids we work with in order to be more effective and successful working together.


I highly recommend using Life Ki-do when you plan your next staff training. ” 


—  Melissa Greenwood Morrow, Executive Director, West Austin Youth Association

"Jonathan Hewitt is such an asset to our community! His talents foster well being and self care for the staff and students in Lake Travis ISD.  His way of being and teaching embodies all of the skills and traits we hope to foster in ourselves and our community. We are so blessed to partner with him regularly. 

—  Jennifer Lyon, Director of Health & Social Emotional Learning, Lake Travis Independent School District


From classrooms to corporations we tailor our topics to the audience. The topics listed are examples of potential topics for your speaking or workshop event. They can be adapted to work just as well for children, teens, or adults and can be personalized for the needs of your group.

To schedule Jonathan for a speaking engagement, please email or call (512) 215-0064.

  • Flow & Well-Being

  • Mindfulness & Meditation

  • Confidence & Resilience

  • Connection, Communication & Cooperation

  • Teamwork

  • Stress & Anxiety Management

  • Bullying & Self-defense

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