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Life Ki-do Martial Arts Austin teaches kids, teens and adults how to live like a River – being your best, flowing with life, feeling happy, confident & true to oneself.



Confidence, Focus, Self-regulation, Kindness, Strong & Safe Body​

At Life Ki-do Martial Arts, we empower our students to find strength & confidence from within instead of looking to others for validation & self-worth. Combining this self-confidence with empathy & kindness for others, our students also have the ingredients for healthy, bully proof friendships.

My name is Sensei Jonathan Hewitt and I am the founder of Life Ki-do. For over 25 years, I have dedicated my life to helping kids, teens & adults become their personal best – both inside & out.

Please book a free trial class at one of our fun, safe, and kid-friendly locations in Austin Westlake or Lakeway OR in our Virtual Dojo to see for yourself why our martial arts classes are award-winning and life-changing!



Jonathan Hewitt

Sensei, Founder & Director



At Life Ki-do, being like a River means learning to flow with all of life's joys and challenges using them as opportunities to strengthen yourself both inside and out. Through the medium of martial arts, we teach kids and adults alike how to find their River by connecting their 3 B’s: Body, Breath and Brain.


Proper body alignment provides the structure and fluidity to be both strong and calm.


Breathing techniques combat stress and anxiety while feeling focused, relaxed, and present.


Focusing on the task at hand and coaching yourself to do your personal best and not give up.



Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Systema, Tai Chi, Qigong & Self-Defense

For more than 25 years in the Austin area, Life Ki-do classes and karate camps have offered a unique blend of martial arts training. Our martial arts curriculum is rooted in Systema, a practice that teaches students to breathe, relax, and flow on and off the mats. Life Ki-do is designed to be a safe, healthy alternative to martial arts programs that can create rigidity, tension, and physical wear and tear.

Ages 3+

Join your child in playful, cooperative and connection-strengthening activities.


Ages 7-11 (2nd-5th Grade)

Focus on the art of self-mastery, focus, resilience and the ability to bounce back.


Ages 4-5 (Pre-K)

These classes are designed to develop focus, self-regulation, and social skills.

Ages 12+

Martial arts that cultivate a centered mental, emotional, & physical state for today.


Ages 5-7 (K & 1st Grade)

Develop deep and lasting self-confidence through martial arts and the 3Bs.



Meditation & gentle movement such as Tai Chi & Qi Gong for adults.



“As a Mom (and also a pediatrician), I highly recommend this phenomenal program. Joyful, physically challenging, and enlightening. ” 


—  Mother of Power Ninja Student, Age 7



& Lead Instructor

Sensei Jonathan Hewitt

Combining his 30 years of study in meditation, mindfulness, and the brain-body connection with a lifetime of martial arts training, Sensei Jonathan is the Founder and Creator of Life Ki-do.

Youth Program Director

& Lead Instructor

Sensei Doug Diamond

Sensei Doug's experience as both a state champion black belt in martial arts and a Montessori teacher come together in his outstanding talent as Lead Instructor and Youth Program Director.

Camp Director

& Lead Instructor

Sensei Deven Penn

A black belt in Life Ki-do with over 10 years experience teaching children, Sensei Deven taught in a classroom setting before becoming a Lead Instructor and Camp Director at Life Ki-do.


For more than 25 years we've been teaching Life Ki-do Martial Arts in Austin. We operate 2 main locations, Austin Westlake and Lakeway, and we also have a Virtual Dojo. Please email  or call us with any questions or visit our FAQ .

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